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Update by user May 17, 2022

Bud's Gun Shop offered an apology but it was just the same excuses and never any positive results.

Update by user May 17, 2022

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Original review posted by user Apr 17, 2022

Order Date: 04/01/22 Shipped 04/13/22

Delivered 04/15/22 to FFL Availability 04/16/22

Buying a handgun from Buds Gun Shop is such a hassle. I was told they are not a real gun shop & sits on customers money for Buds benefit.

Every rule for the handgun purchase is to Bud's advantage which frustrates customers. They ship orders very SLOW compared to other on-line gun web sites. The attraction to save a few dollars with a personal check takes another week. In total, it is over 2 weeks with shipping time.

I do not recommend doing business with BUDS. Peter L C New York State Police

User's recommendation: Many Other On-Line Gun Stores with Better Prices or Faster Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Buds Gun Shop Pros: There are no pros.

Buds Gun Shop Cons: Massive order shipment delay.

Location: Fort Lee, New Jersey

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Everyone thinks badly of you. You are acting like a child.

@Oma Zsi

I am not acting like a child. They said because I beat up my grandmother and a nine year old girl I cannot own guns.

I was discharged from the army for beating up my grandmother ana a small child. It was a dishonorable discharge.


They said because of my criminal background I am not allowed to own a gun. I have a criminal background because I brat up an infant for crying.

I also beat up my grandmother over $20 that I took from her by force. I was discharge from the military for dishonorable conduct.


You are not entitled to a price reduction. If you cannot afford to pay $20 for your gun do without. Besides someone with anger issues like yourself does not need to own a gun.

@Oma Zsi

It appears that you support a policy of poor customer service. The purpose of REVIEWS are to ventilate poor customer service.

I am a veteran and served to protect our country and expect excellent service.

Please respect other customers complaints. Your comment is unappreciated!


I know the purpose. The point ìs if you cannot afford full price you should order something cheaper. Learn how to read you imbecile.

@Oma Zsi

Dear Oma Zsi, It is very selfish of you to dictate entitlements. Who made you King? Your comment is self-serving...


The only selfish person is the OP He thinks he is better than everyone. He us not entitled to a price reduction.

He is selfish. He us a disgrace to the military and uniform.

@Oma Zsi

I can't get the gun anymore because I gave a history of violence against women and children. I have a criminal record for beating up my grandmother and a nine year old girl. I had a dishonorable discharge from the army for beating up the girl and my grandmother.

@Oma Zsi

Yeah he is behaving immature, but we can only blame the OP"s parents. He should pay the same price as everyone else.

Everyone else has to wait just as long as this manchild. Parents probably spoiled him and gave him everything he asked for.


I just read the part where he bragged about beating up his own grandmother and a nine year old child. Wow.

This man is not only a disgrace to the army, but to mankind as well.

What a coward, beating up on children and old ladies. Digusting.


I also reported his comment with the childish name calling. Maybe you are right.

Maybe his parents raised him this way.

Probably should have used the belt on him. Straight to his cowardly old woman, child beating face.


Full of excuses!

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