The guns on Buds Gun Shop are super cheap compared to anywhere else – I tried to order a Windham Weaponry AR-15 in the Muddy Girl Camo, brand new. They wanted $775 for it, Windham Weaponry’s MSRP is $1200 for the gun. That’s major savings! So, here is why I will never give Bud’s Gun Shop business of mine and never recommend them to anyone.

On February 15th, I placed my order for the gun under my boyfriend Joey’s account. I changed the billing info and whatnot to my own of course because this would be my gun. Within 10 minutes, the price went up to $855, which it would since its sort of an auction site. It gives you the option to make bids on guns. That evening we received an email that there was an issue with my order and to call customer service during the week. Well of course the next day Kentucky had a snow storm and the call center closed; they would respond to emails, but did not respond to mine. They were closed for three days, but on Tuesday the 17th, Buds removed the money - $783 from my bank account. At this point I wasn't impressed – they wouldn't let my order go through, but were willing to take my money?

On Thursday, February 19, I finally got ahold of them. I spoke to two different customer service reps before speaking to a supervisor, all told me I could not place the order, I could not change it to be under my own account if I created one and Joey could not call and change the billing information to his own. Because I ordered the gun under his account, it looked like illegal activity, even though Joey and I are both capable of purchasing guns. They then told me that I could create my own account and place an order for the gun at the new price of $855, they would not honor the first price I was supposed to buy the gun for. I tried everything and thought of every way to get the gun, but they would not allow it. Problem was, they still had my $783 at this point. I asked them to refund the money and said I would never do business with them again.

Later in the day, Joey called and he tried to change the gun order into his name under is account. The same supervisor, named Chelsea, talked to him and told him there was nothing they could do. She ended up getting pissed off at Joey, said they would delete his account and cancel his two orders, both of which were already in transit being shipped through FED EX to our local gun store. Joey did not want that, and told her so. He said we just wanted the money back for the AR-15 and that he still wanted his other two guns, but she just hung up on him. (Very rude customer service) Well later that night, they canceled his orders, deleted his account, and still have his money! Between the two of us they have $2,000 that no longer belongs to them because we’re not getting our orders. They said it would take up to 5 business days to get our money back, but they deleted the account so we had no proof of them having our money! Joey told them we needed the money back that day if they were going to pull this ***, but they were rude and inconsiderate on the phone and told us we would get it when they processed it. At this point, Joey and I were unsure if they would actually return our money - they had deleted the proof of having it and there was nothing we could do seeing as they are located in Kentucky. It took 2 weeks (March 3rd) to see my money back in my account and I was very displeased seeing as that's a long time to go without almost 800 dollars.

Needless to say, we will NEVER order from Buds Gun Shop again! They were VERY rude to their customers, did not care about honoring their word and had poor customer service. They are just looking to rip people off and I would not suggest every buying anything from them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Buds Gun Shop Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Buds Gun Shop Cons: Shipping and customer service, Customer service.

Location: Maine, United States

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Sorry you had a problem with Bud's. I've bought 5 guns from them over the past few years and haven't had a single problem. Customer service (Team Buds) has been excellent.


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