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There should be negative stars. This is for the online store.

But the person I dealt with I got through calling the KY store. Been researching and comparing prices for the exact gun I was looking for. I found the "make offer" on the pistol I wanted. Before I submitted an offer I researched what would be a fair price they would accept.

I started out at $30 below cost, when that was rejected I moved up 10 dollars at a time until I was only 8 bucks away from the asking price. It was accepted. Well 8 bucks is 8 bucks. I had to wait to complete the check out.

I had to log in again when I was ready to purchase the firearm. It was in my cart at the price that was accepted so I started to check out. I was in the process of checking out, pausing to find a local FFL to have it shipped to. I was comparing Their list with who I found nearby online.

I did not want John Smith out of his house, I wanted a dealer. I wanted to call the FFL dealer to confirm the amount being charged to transfer the firearm and to make them aware of my purchase. I was using my phone and my browser reset and I had to log back in and go back to my cart. At this time it came up as "Team Buds" only.

So I called customer service only to be told there was nothing they would do. The girl on the phone sounded like she was going to cry when I told her I was disappointed. I guess she was tired of getting complaint calls all day. Mind you I never raised my voice or got irate.

I just kept asking her to ask a manager to do something. The only option I was given was to join the "Team Buds" and buy it at full price. So I emailed them a complaint. My reply looked to be an automatic response with the managers name attached, Becky.

She said if there was anything she could help me with to call. So I did, was on hold 20 min. Finally got a person and explained everything again to him. He seemed at first that he was going to help me.

Nope, just that I can join the team and pay full price. So I asked to speak with Becky. At first he said all managers were not there, then he said they just walked back in and I got to speak with Becky. Again I was told that Team Members have guns that are low in stock held for them and I could just pay and join the club to buy it at full price.

I asked how was this good business, if she went to a store and was in the process of checking out to only be told sorry you can't have the item how would she feel. Her response was "This is online and we deal with thousands of people unlike an actual store." So that is how they feel about their online customers. You're just a means to get money and nothing else. There will always be another person spending money with them.

Individuals are of no concern to them.

The honest and right thing to do would be to honor our agreement and sell the firearm.

Product or Service Mentioned: Buds Gun Shop Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Buds Gun Shop Cons: Customer service.

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They are to big like the government

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