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Since 2011 I had spent over $14,000 with Buds gun shop, a lot of money to be certain, and not all CSR's were so awful, nor had I ever spoken with Mr Valle before because of such, read on.

Wed the 30th of May 2019 I ordered and paid in full for a $1400.00 pistol, and then waited for it to ship, which it did not do until the following week(Monday)though I never knew it had done so. I was forced to use the chat room on their website, both convenient and easily controlled by Buds staff online. The reason I inquired is that my FFL was going on vacation and I was concerned it was likely to be stuck in limbo.

In the chatroom I simply asked the CSR to check where my order was in the que, they refused, simply explaining as they always do, 3-7 days processing, thank you for your patience is there anything else? This is now five days after they took my money, I explained my concerns, total indifference from the CSR, goodbye and she literally hung up...

Tuesday, 6-4-2019 I reentered chat again after again seeing no email from Buds stating my order had shipped, same result from the CSR, which prompted me to push her harder, indifference became outright rudeness and I next asked for her supervisor.

Enter a women named Delilah, whose only polite exchange was the reissuing of the exact same standard refrain I had received from the other CSR's over the course of the two days I had chatted into their site, 3-7 days processing, we will immediately email(IMMEDIATELY)upon your purchase shipping!

However after having explained to this indifferent women my concerns, and alerting her to the many thousands of dollars I had spent with them over the last 6-7 years I asked her again to find out where it was in their system, she flatly refused, which then prompted me to tell her that if the pistol didn't ship no later than Wed morning(6-5-2019)I would be forced to cancel the order outright!

All this did was serve to invite her anger, she became much shorter with me, much ruder. I responded to this by asking her that if I was forced to cancel my order what fees would I face, which are a claimed 10%, which by the way is exactly their mark-up, in other words you cancel, they get to make their profit off of the sale in full without actually selling the gun!

Her response? She canceled my order stating that she was waiving any fees and immediately hung up without offering me even a confirmation of her having done so! This forced me to yet again immediately chat in to Buds site, having resolved to blow off the transaction altogether, I simply wanted confirmation of her unauthorized actions, and in chatting back in I immediately connected with this Delilah, and told her I needed a confirmation email backing up her assertion of a full refund! She told me it was usually up to fifteen days, but mine was coming immediately, yet she never offered to confirm this via an email, and she yet again hung up on me!

About 90-seconds after her latest hang-up, I received two emails from Buds, for the purpose of this report only the first is important, and it was a doozy. Not only had she canceled the order, she had been forced to recall it from UPS in Rice Lake WI, where it was just 38-miles south of my home, in other words it had shipped out Monday morning, and of course contrary to all the *** from the Buds vaunted team of professionals about immediately notifying me of it having shipped, they never bothered to notify me.

Do you understand, she had to have known that my $1400.00 purchase had shipped, had to of, because she had to recall it directly from UPS in my state some 1000 miles north of KY where it had originated, all her *** all of the demeaning, indifference to my, their customers, inquiry regarding just that, when will it ship!

Having read the email I immediately went back into the Buds chat, got this women again and confronted her regarding her actions, and demanded to speak with her boss, she refused and simply hung up on me and then in the classic democratic party faithful way, locked me out altogether(banned me)from reaching them at all, and they still have my $1400.00!

After some investigation I obtained the name Nick Valle, identified as her immediate supervisor and called him, no answer, left a message and of course no call back from him. This forced me to call again today(Wed, 6-5-2019)and try to connect with him again, left second message with my phone. At this point I full expect zero serviceable help from him, you don't behave as this women had if such terrible behavior is not tacitly approved within the corporate structure itself, and when Mr Valle did call me back he did not disappoint!

He made it abundantly clear he did not care one whit what I had endured, Delilah was a sweetheart, I just a terrible rotten customer who had only coughed up $14,000 + over the previous so many years. He cut me off, lied about the contents of the chat transcript which he claimed to have in front of him, and then brazenly cherry picked various portions of the chat to signify that I had demanded the order be canceled, an outright lie! Mr Valle also stated he was one of the owners, which an employee of the shop itself had told me he was not when I had called in search of an accountable individual.

I have contacted my bank and initiated a claim against Buds for the full $1400.00, I still have no evidence they have reversed charges, and the bank stated that no such reversal has been initiated by them, they still have my $1400.00, I will not only never patronize their business ever again, I will now and for as long as I live, enthusiastically trash them to anyone in the gun community with a pair of ears, I will explain this outrage to them in its exact context. Can you believe it, they had already shipped the firearm, refused to alert me to this per their own policy declarations, and then flatly refused to apprise me of it when Delilah had to have know so, proven beyond all doubt by the fact that within a matter of 120 seconds she had to contact UPS to force its return!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

Preferred solution: full written apology and a chat with the real owner of the shop!.

Buds Gun Shop Pros: Deserve far less then a one star rating.

Buds Gun Shop Cons: Unimaginablly awful customer service.

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WOW I am glad I read this I was just getting to make a very large order. Now I do not know what to do except find someone a little more honest and helpful.

They better wake up they are not the only vender in the sea. This scares me I think I will look else where.


What is wrong with Bud's people?


it sounds to me like the Customer is an *** to everyone!!!!




Has this issue been resolved, just curious.


There is NO excuse for poor customer service.


This is all anyone needs to do when confronted by *** like this at ANY retail establishment online. Call your CREDIT CARD company and ask them to intitate a chargeback.

Done deal. *** Buds.


Very simple. Your credit card company can assist .

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