I did a price match through buds guns. I had never used the PM before.

When my Credit card was charged it was the full price not the one they said they would match. I emailed buds several times with them closing out the issue ticket without even talking to me. I called several times with a promise of I will have a supervisor call you and never getting the call. The rifle was about to hit the FFL dealer when I finally got hold of a supervisor who I was told would fix the price difference.

He informed me that he was closing the sale and calling UPS and having it rerouted back to the shipper and canceling my account. This is how Buds does business. I went to Grabagun and saved 50 dollars over Buds best price match.

I am done with Buds. Customer service is non existence with them.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Buds Gun Shop Cons: Very poor customer service.

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

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I went to gragagun and they not only were cheaper but they were much better to deal with and did what they said. Screw buds.


Tried to order from them - if you pay using credit card they charge you their retail price (that's OK I get that) then tack on a credit card charge they don't mention, then apply a shipping charge after stating there are no shipping charges for handguns.

I tried to call them for explanation and got (9) - count 'em, nine option from their recorded message.

Way too difficult to do biz with.

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