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Original post responding to BudsGuns survey:

I had no idea that the item was not coming straight from Buds in Lexington, KY until I started tracking the shipping. I don't think that I am a fan of that kind of behind the scene practice without due notice to the customer. As an FFL, I would not do that to my customers.


Update 07/31/2015: All they are is a wholesaler trying to cut FFLs out of real retail profit margin while using us to be their delivery men. For all of you 2,224 "5 Star" reviewers, you need to stop drinking the Buds Jim Jones KoolAid and read the 389 of us (20% overall) rating Buds at 1, 2, 3 Stars..... because these various complaints WILL happen to you sooner or later.

Just spoke to Nick at Buds, who is one of the little big dogs there playing socialist internet police. My account was apparently locked out then permanently nixed after their disapproval of me exercising my 1st Amendment Right on a survey email that THEY SENT ME (www.resellerratings.com)? I guess I never called him back when he wanted to talk about it. I asked Nick why they would support the 2nd Amendment but not the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution? After a moment of silence (because he forgot he was having a conversation with someone?) he asked what kind of response I was looking for? He explained that in the fine print of the "preferred dealer" agreement, I acknowledged that other shippers may be involved. Yes Nick, that was over 3 years ago, however you need to have specific notice on each and every firearm you advertise, as we FFLs are tracking the packages, most of the time for customers. If they did business like that and notified you of 3rd party shipping, not only would the FFLs know they didn't have the items, so would the non-FFL customers, maybe even order from someone who actually has it in stock. Probably why they don't do it! After 3 years of a "preferred FFL" for Buds with 34 years of Military and Federal LEO service, after various minor complaints that I never complained about, similar to all the ones I just read on resellerratings.com, I am done. They are right up there with MidWay USA who won't ship ammo or hi-cap mags to even FFLs or LEO in NY? If you are that legally challenged, should you even be involved in firearms?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Pine Bush, New York

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I feel your pain. I am a customer and asking where the heck is my gun shipping info since the payment cleared my bank 3 days ago.

Also, no help from their customer service whatsoever in explaining how to use their NortonShoppingGuarantee that they so proudly display on their website. I am quite sure they don't have my gun in stock and are simply stalling me to give them time to find the item and/or they like having my funds sitting in their bank for their use. A review of this co.

will be forthcoming after this transaction is completed (I'm not holding my breath). So far, I'm am NOT IMPRESSED!

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