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I ordered a handgun at buds the ordering and shipping process was smooth (or so I thought). Prior to shipping, I explained to Buds that my FFL was closed on Sunday & Monday and they said no problem.

So the handgun shipped and I tracked it via tracking number. It took a couple of days before it arrived at my local FedEx station. Later in the day, the tracking system said 'shipping back to shipper (Buds)'. I called Buds to try to figure out what was going on to no avail because wait times on their customer service were between a half hour and hour, with the option to press 1 for a call back from Buds (I pressed 1 about 6-7 times) with no call back at all.

Thereafter, I decided to call FedEx and they said Buds policy is if the package isn't signed on the first trip (even when the business is closed) it ships all the way back to buds. The package shipped ALL the way back to buds and the process started all over again, except this time I had to get a hold of them. I called their customer service line, again, and waited about 35 minutes until someone answered the phone. I explained my predicament and they said sorry sir let me put you on hold, so again on hold for about 9-10 minutes.

He got back on the call and said sorry about that I'll ensure that it'll get there next Tuesday when there open and I'll give you a tracking number of course as well. I wasn't mad at this guy just mad at the company. So It's Monday and still no tracking number and I called again (this time it took 1 hour and 6 minutes until someone picked up) and the said they haven't even shipped it back out yet. If it wasn't for all the *** hours of time spent on the phone with Buds and trying to figure out things on my own, I'd cancel the order.

If there is anymore funny business, I'll cancel and write another honest review on Buds.

DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS SHOP. You are much better spending the extra 40-50 bucks buying a gun from any other shop in the country, I guarantee it!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Buds Gun Shop Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $949.

Preferred solution: The company should include some perks to help sustain a somewhat decent relationship after the gun still hasn't shipped in almost two weeks.

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How you lost,949.00 dollars, on a order to buds gun, ???

@blue sky 12345

Hi blue sky 12345, You should learn how to properly read, write and understand the English language before you try to interpret my post (because everything written above clearly states what the issue is). I'm guessing you are an employee at buds because your post is about as competent as they are with their business.

Your post should be written; Dear concerned customer, How did you lose $949.00 on an order with Buds Gun Shop?

Therefore, please learn how to read, write and have decent grammar in the English language, prior to writing me. Best Regards, a customer who got {{REDACTED}}

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