I've been happy with all three purchase I've made from Buds in recent years. But my last one raised an issue you should be aware of and I hope Buds has learned from it.

Colorado now has a 15-round magazine capacity limit law.

In May of 2018 I tried to order an AR-10, which comes with a 20-round mag. I was told they can't sell me the rifle due to that law -- end of story. After some debate I asked if I could buy it without the magazine.

I was initially told "no" but I persuaded the guy to ask a supervisor, which he did and the answer came back "yes."

Had I not thought of that option and held my ground, I would have missed out and Buds would have lost a sale. Buds needs to ensure their employees understand this, as well as you folks in prohibitive states like Colorado.

Product or Service Mentioned: Buds Gun Shop Customer Care.

Reason of review: Good all-around experience with purchases.

Location: 1105 Industry Rd, Lexington, KY 40505, USA

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