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On 10/3/14, I purchased a Sig Sauer P250 Sub-compact .40cal, item #93496. The order, as described, was for the gun with two 12 round magazines. I received an email confirming my order later that night. The email stated to allow 3-7 business days for shipping. My ordered didn't ship until 10/13/14. My gun arrived on 10/15/14 at the FFL dealer and I conducted my visual inspection of what I ordered. Upon picking up the magazines from inside the box I immediately noticed two 10 round magazines. At that time I proceeded to call budsgunshop and was informed that it was a typo on their website and was instructed to send the whole package back for a refund....a refund?!? I asked the rep to please compromise and I offered to send the magazines back and exchange for what I purchased, higher capacity mags. The customer service rep, very professionally, said no and offered a refund as their only option. Buds obviously didn't want my business and didn't care. I continued with the purchase and called them back. Buds again said there was nothing they could do to help me and will fix the typo on their website and for some reason, to call Sig Sauer. I then called Sig who informed me there is no 12 round magazine offered for the Sig P250 sub-compact I ordered. I then called buds back and told them what was said and informed them, after doing some research I discover that there is a 13 round magazine offered for a P250 compact which will fit, along with a x-grip sleeve, in a mag well of a Sig P250 sub-compact. I explained this to Buds and was immediately offered a $20 gift certificate, which I did thank the rep for. However, I explained to him that it will not even come close to purchasing the two 13 round mags and x-grip sleeves from their website. The rep advised me that he would have to have his manager call me back within 24 hours.

On 10/16/14, I had not yet received a phone call from Buds. It was at that time I called Sig back pleading for help. After explaining my issues with your customer service rep I was immediately offered one 13 round magazine from Sig. I was very happy and over come with joy and could not believe Sig stepped up to the plate and dealt with distributors issues like this.

10/18/14, I have not yet to talk to Buds, and was cleaning my new Sig and notice substantial wear on the feed ramp. I am not a gun expert but a new gun should not have the amount of wear on a feed ramp as my gun did. Buds had shipped me a used gun.

Nick finally called back, after filing a complaint with the BBB and I was able to communicate with him but, was still only offered the same things, a refund and $20. Nick went on and explained they couldn't do anything else. I explained to Nick how Sig fixed the problem with the mags by sending me one 13 round mag. I also told Nick the gun was used and Sig was fixing that by sending me a new barrel. Nick had no comment.

Lesson learned. I know I should of took the whole gun apart and inspected it better, my bad on that part, but Buds shouldn't of sold me a used gun and advertised it as new. Shady! So, watch you backs around these people and if you can, spend the extra money some where else. DO NOT use these guys. Their shipping sucks, customer service sucks and their inventory sucks.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $380.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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Idiots sent me a rifle that was cracked in 2 pieces. I know for a fact it left their warehouse that way and they were just looking to get a UPS damage claim.

They win I loose. They suck and I will tell everyone I know about my experience. I even talked to the jag named nick too. What a *** that guy is.

Never offered an alternative and was just a *** head to talk to. Wish I could give my feedback face to face.

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