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buds Gun Shop website and ordered an AK 47 California model on December 9th the Majority of our FFL`s here in California will accept AK & AR orders until the 20th of December. When I initially purchased this firearm from Buds Website they sent me an email saying my order was being processed.

The next day I received another email saying we apologize we're not shipping these items to California anymore and we will refund your money. Wow! Why did they even take my money to begin. Nevertheless it's too late now for me to purchase an AK.

And the chances of me ever owning one is now gone. Primarily because held up my money for 10 days this is unacceptable!! I tried to purchase an AK on Classic Fire Arms website it was blocked with a message saying we apologize we are no longer shipping to California. I can appreciate that!!!

But don't take my money and HOLD IT SO NOW I CANT GO AND BY AN AK LOCALLY HERE IN California!!!! I called customer service and requested to speak with a supervisor the young lady hung up or we lost connection and when I calked back I COULD NOT GET THROUGH TO ANYONE!! As you know it's at least a half hour to hour wait and sometimes you have to call back the next day!!!

Terrible customer service, terrible customer resolution and they could have resolved by communicating with my FFL AND EXPIDIT MY SHIPPING Next Day Air to my FFL but they just didn't care!!! It's bad enough we have to deal with California gun laws but now we have inconsiderate gun dealers who don't care about what we're dealing with over here all they care about is money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Buds Gun Shop Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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No please stay in California, we have more than our share of Californians and they immediately want California laws wherever they move.


So you vote in leftists to run your state, they strip you of your rights, you wait until the last minute to buy your AK, and now it's all Bud's fault.

Typical liberal logic from the land of fruits and nuts. Please do the rest of the country a huge favor and just secede.


Low blow.

He (or she) could very well be a right leaning resident.

It is Bud's fault for holding the customer's money; as the customer stated they could have gone to a LGS and picked up their AK before the 12/20/16 deadline.

Not once did the OP mention anything about which party they belong to, simply that they wanted to obtain an AK before the deadline...

As any political party member can :-/

Don't be a salty dog, Bill. Just because the DOJ passes some bunk rulings, doesn't mean all leftists are onboard.


Why not move out of California move to another nearby state... You can own all AK's and AR's you want....





Standard California-ite... Only, a GUN OWNER one.

Don't like it, leave your *** Kommifornia state. No one is forcing you to live there.

Jesus, if I had a dollar for every Kommiefornian who complained about something their OWN *** GOVERNMENT does, I could upgrade my Troll-ware.


Yeah GO AHEAD and gloat on your gun liberty rights right now while you can... As California goes.. So does the Nation..

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