Budgunshop cancelled my order. They claim that the firearm I purchased was not allowed in my State of Maryland. The scary HK45CT. I purchased the gun, they accepted my money, and then they call later saying they will not ship the HK45CT to Maryland because they claim it is not on the Maryland Handgun Roster. Mind you, that the HK45 and HK45C is listed, and if you physically look at a HK45CT, it physically says HK 45C, which is how the Maryland Board works (I know because I submitted a gun to the roster before and you must list the Manufacture and model number that is physically seen on the firearm, which is this case would be HK 45C.)

Pat, the Customer Service Representative from budsgunshop.com wouldn't even look into whether he was interpreting the roster board correctly. When I asked him if he would sell me an "HK45 V1" he said "No, that isn't listed either" and then I asked about the V3 or V7, he said "Nope, those aren't listed either". I was kindof being funny about the V1, 3, and 7 because I thought the answer was pretty obvious, be either he was being difficult or he simply doesn't know how to interpret the Maryland Handgun Roster. Eric called me back and had a different interpretation and said he would sell the V1, V3, and V7 if it was an HK45 because he doesn't' t believe that it should matter, but was going to stick with Pat's initial assessment that the roster must say "45CT" When talking to Eric, I asked if he would be willing to verify whether they are interpreting the Roster correctly by simply calling the Maryland State Police department, and he said no.

Yes, I am annoyed because I made the purchase and they took the money. I'm annoyed because they are not interpreting the Maryland Roster correctly (The FFL has no issue with this). I'm annoyed that when asking to either give me a few hours to select a different firearm, they refused which will result in a 5 day return, and when I asked if I could change the address to another FFL (outside of Maryland) or even a Florida Address (I am a Florida resident, but live in Maryland because I am active Duty) they also refused. It was pretty clear that they are not willing to do anything to resolve this issue.

Product or Service Mentioned: Buds Gun Shop Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Location: Havre De Grace, Maryland

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